“Hill of Terror”


About Us

the Hill of Terror” is overrun with all your fears as we enter into our seventh year. On our desolate 100 acre property everything that you can imagine that you were ever afraid of will be coming to life all around you. This self-guided tour will be an experience you will never forget.

Hill of Terror has created some new fiendish scares that we are dying for you to see. In past years the Zombies have attacked you on the hayride to Hill of Terror, but this year it is your turn to get some revenge. You will be able to shoot the Zombies with paint ball guns, as they try to attack the trailer on your way up the hill. The Trailer will have guns on both sides so you can get your sweet revenge. Of course we still have our favorites to keep you company as well, like our LAST RIDE where you are in a casket being buried alive.

This journey is not for the weak, because we have NO MERCY as you pay to get in but pray to get out!

COME IF YOU DARE...............

This website is committed to the total elimination of all Zombies and other haunted beings of the UnDead!!

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