The New Creator does nothing small!

“After gathering feedback and making the decision to take this already cool Zombie experience to the next level, we completely renovated the Zombie Paintball Apocalypse from the ground up.” Tearing down the old and adding all new professional grade scenes, props, and yes more zombie killing capacities.

Twice the Fire Power!!

We’ve doubled the trailer’s fire power to 22 high velocity paintball guns loaded with UV balls so you can see what you are shooting.

Enjoy the Ride!!

Now you can take an alternate route to the top of the

Hill of Terror. That’s right! By taking the new and improved Zombie Trailer of Death™ you can become a member of the Zombie Extermination Team and help rid the Hill of these undead menise.

Make sure to pop those sneaky creepers that dwell behind the drums in “Barrel Town” while reserving your valuable ammo for what’s coming up the trail.

I’ve heard that the governor has a secret fetish for head collecting? You can help stop this mad behavior by blowing his brains out into the woods with some UV laced rounds.

Now who knows what happens before you suddenly realize you’re in the middle an industrial waste zone. The cops can’t help, the ambulances have been taken over and every tore down building seems to be the perfect hideaway for the undead!

Time to exterminate... if you dare!

In the past we have let 
Hill of Terror™ 
patrons ride up the trail and simply target practice with paint ball guns...
and this is just the trail leading to the 
Hill of Terror!
Kentucky’s Largest Haunted Attraction 
Ground zero for the ongoing 
Zombie Paintball Apocalypse™ 
spreading throughout south central Kentucky and we need your help protecting our local communities by joining the team on the ZOMBINATOR® Trailer of Death and doing your part in exterminating these 
Zombie trash!!Welcome.htmlWelcome.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
Everyone is experiencing the thrill of hunting zombie’s this Halloween season with the world’s most awesome trailer ride, 

Zombie Paintball Apocalypse™. 
This is your opportunity to shoot high velocity, UV paintballs at real life zombies with the protection of being on the trailer of death, side by side and back to back with 22 other zombie killing fanatics. 

Obey the rules
We have to make our way through our zombie infested trail without getting eaten alive. 

Shoot zombies, targets, and other high quality, special effects with your UV paintballs to neutralize the hoard so we can all keep our brains in tact!
The Apocalypse is here!!!!!


From what we know of them, some are slow creepers hungry for your brains, some are ground crawlers, but some are fast, runners, and we’ve even seen them get on 4 wheelers and into running vehicles then drive off at full speed.

These guys are adapting quickly.

This website is committed to the total elimination of all Zombies and other haunted beings of the UnDead!!

Thank you for stopping by

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